You don’t have to be a millionaire to provide awareness support for safer communities and positive support to youth groups. Give a $6 donation each month for a delicious meal and impact communities today!


Every meal sold helps to provide a positive presence in our communities and help to promote health awareness campaigns. Donate today.

Your support goes a long way!

Taste bud donors are repetitive financial donors to our programs. They receive special promotions for new meal items, extra portions, and discounts from our partners.

Volunteers provide in-person support at a local fundraiser station.

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BBQ Chicken &/or Ribs
Fish Platters &/or Shrimp
Drinks: Coca Cola, Sprite, or Bottled water

Side items: Bowl of BBQ gumbo, baked beans, Mac-N-Cheese

Desserts: Pound cake, Sweet potato pie

Al payments are processed through Stripe and managed by Sabados management group.


Thanks to our partners and the Five Stars team, Planters Caf’e [Planters Ministries] is able to reach our goal to help create safer neighborhoods. A portion of every meal sold provides the resources needed for empowerment sessions, encouragement channels, job placement and skill training opportunities in each supporting community.

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For over 10 years we’ve branded a positive image in our local community. Providing prayer, worship service options, and at times someone to help through the tough times.


Our fresh meal choices provides the finance to promote partner resources. We specialize in presenting solutions for those in need of job placement, developing work skills and job readiness preparation. A portion of all proceeds supports ministry overhead, print, online software, and meeting space for ministry.

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