Programs to supply food desserts and end poverty.

Food desserts still exist and seem more complicated to support in today’s present societies.

Planters Assemblies is definitely unique in most recent comparisons to community based and city-based support options for access and finding resources for healthy food options in low to mid-income areas. Though the progress to invite clean and upscale grocery stores to such areas is slow, we believe a united community effort to end poverty and bad food choices is a powerful start.

We’ve chosen to partner with local nonprofit organizations to address such issues and provide better healthy food truck choices to local residents. Our sites are set on the Grand Park area as a beginning point to give youth and the elderly a chance to grow their own food as supposed to many bad eating habit trends associated with convenient stores strategically placed in specific neighborhoods.

Even though our perspective is to drive more production of better food choices in such food desserts, we also want to educate local residents on how to cook healthy meals and find more solutions to end poverty and disease caused by bad eating habits.

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