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Our Values

Removing barriers of hatred against people because of their ethnicity, beliefs, or status has become a continuing issue. One of our goals is to support the efforts of local Americans willing to learn a skill, develop a trade, and advance in community-based programs to push back hate and help restore religious freedoms and values for all people.

Join us in our effort to empower people through organizational skill training programs and build job stability for all people.

A partner skill training initiative managed by EOYFB.

GOD First

Through GOD we can build a Faith-centered program through Yeshua

Quality of work

Learn hand-to-hand or remotely with skilled professionals


As long as you’re committed, we’re here for the long haul.


Our plan to expand community based programs throughout the east coast


To take a class or course with Planters or to volunteer you must first register with us.

Click here to register

Thanks again for your interest in supporting Planters Assemblies Training Program.

Become a sponsor today and help us to raise finance for hiring trainers, renting training classrooms and facilitating spaces, and promoting community awareness through such programs.

One of our goals is providing informative culinary information, developing youth to operate in service-industry based fields, and teaching hands-on training while serving quality meals in training environments.

As of today, Planters has enrolled over 280 meal donors that continue to support our program. 

We’ve trained over 11-20 people within a 12-month basis and we’re seeking help to increase our training numbers and goal.

Our plans are to continue to develop nonprofit food resource centers, while extending our brand to a brick and mortar

Our goal is to raise $20,000 within year 2023.

Support the vision: Help raise funds for training materials, food trucks, and course and ministry software upkeep.

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